Besançon !

Site & monument

Considered to be one of Vauban's major works, the Besançon Citadel is a life-size illustration of 17th century military architecture: tenailles, sentry boxes, curtain walls, watch towers, demilunes and rampart walks, all waiting to be discovered on an 11-hectare site.
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Memory and history

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
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Puppet theatre

The showcase collection of the Musée comtois is the traditional Franche-Comté puppet theatre and its main character the famous Barbizier, a wine grower from the Battant district of Besançon. The Museum houses the four oldest collections of a form of entertainment that was highly popular in Besançon in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
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Asiatic lion

The natural habitat of the Asiatic lion is restricted to the Gir region in India. Only 350 individuals are left in the wild! Not to be confused with its African cousin which is much less rare...
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Vauban's masterpiece

UNESCO World Heritage site

Museum of French Resistance and Deportation

Failure to bear witness would mean betrayal

Musée comtois (Franche-Comté Museum)

A museum of regional culture with a worldwide outlook

Natural History Museum and its animal collections

Discovering and understanding biodiversity