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Prepare my visit the Citadelle of Besançon

Visit formulas

To discover the Citadelle, there are a number of visit options available:
Make your choice according to your desires and the time you have available.
Don't forget to consult the agenda to find out what's planned for the day of your visit.

Guided tours

  • Citadelle express
    Treat yourself to a quick but intense plunge into the history of the site, sweeping through the key stages from its construction to its inclusion on UNESCO's World Heritage List.
    Duration: 30 min.
  • 2000 years of history
    Discover the characteristics of a bastioned fortification, the work and career of Vauban, and the different roles of the Citadelle, from its construction to its inclusion on UNESCO's World Heritage List.
    Duration: 1 h.
  • The Citadel in the 17th century
    Immerse yourself in the Grand Siècle to discover the reign of Louis XIV, the construction of the citadel and the daily life of the troops, via the Espace Vauban and the soldiers' barracks.
    Duration: 45 min.
  • Secret Citadel
    From the construction to the daily life of the soldiers, not forgetting its inclusion on the Unesco World Heritage List, an optimal discovery of Vauban's masterpiece including a passage through a 127 m long underground gallery. The Citadelle reserves the right to prohibit access to the Gallery for safety reasons and/or due to adverse weather conditions.
    Duration : 1 h 15.
  • Visit the Citadelle and water, from bucket to defense
    Behind its stones, the citadel hides water resources and needs. Discover the different uses to which it was put in Vauban's time.
    Duration : 1 h.
  • La Citadelle at sunset" tour
    Under the last rays of the sun, enjoy a tour from the heights of the Citadelle for an exceptional discovery of the fortress's architecture and history. Not recommended for people with vertigo or difficulty climbing stairs.
    Duration : 1 h.
  • In the footsteps of Vauban" actor tour 
    The illustrious military engineer reveals the secrets of the enclosure and shares his knowledge and passion for the history and architecture of the Citadelle.
    Duration : 1 h.

Tours led by an actor

  • In the footsteps of Vauban
    Vauban himself reveals all the secrets of the Citadel, and shares his knowledge and passion for its history and architecture. A visit to remember!
    Duration: 1 hr. The tour may be cancelled 1 h beforehand in the event of no-shows or inclement weather.
  • La Citadelle inattendue
    Born to defend and protect, the Citadelle is an ambassador for the values and ideals espoused by UNESCO: the conservation and enhancement of heritage, the preservation of biodiversity and education for sustainable development, the dialogue of cultures and the awakening of consciences to build peace. By exploring the Citadelle and its museums, visitors learn from the past, to understand today and act tomorrow.
    Duration: 1 h. Tour may be cancelled 1 h in advance in the event of no registrations or inclement weather.

Fun trails

La Citadelle offers a range of activities that you can enjoy on your own, whether you're on your own, with friends or with the whole family.

  • La Malédiction des Siècles (Curse of the Centuries) game
    Equipped with an adventure bag, you'll travel back in time and explore the Citadelle's various spaces and museums to save the Marcellin family from an ancestral curse cast by a powerful sorcerer. By solving the riddles and outwitting the evil tricks, perhaps you'll be able to overcome the Curse of the Centuries?
    Maximum duration: two hours.
  • Values at play
    Thanks to a card game divided into four chapters, go in search of emblematic objects and places at the Citadelle, and discover the richness and implementation of the values defended by UNESCO in the Citadelle's offering.

Test our application!

Take advantage of theMaCitadelle app to visit the Citadelle on your own. Equipped with a smartphone or tablet, take on the Citadelle with everything in your pocket! The app reveals the site's secrets and history, as well as its museums and events. And don't forget the tour itineraries and games to discover the Citadelle in a different way:

  • the Citadelle tour in brief (available in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Japanese),
  • the Site Vauban Adult and Children's trail (available in French, English, German and Italian),
  • the Musée de la Résistance et de la Déportation (available in French, English, German and Italian),
  • the Museum tour (available in French),
  • the FALC (Facile A Lire et à Comprendre) course for people with intellectual disabilities,
  • two quiz games (available in English, French, German and Italian).

How to use the MaCitadelle application in just a few steps!

Your ideal day

Let us inspire you with our suggested program for a busy day!

10 h 15 Immerse yourself in history with the multimedia show in the Saint-Etienne chapel.
Let yourself be carried away by this gigantic 300° historical fresco, and relive the events that have marked the history of Besançon and its Citadel.

10 h 35 At the Musée comtoismeet the people of Franche-Comté and find out how they enjoy themselves,
eat, believe or work...

11 h 20 With the Macitadelle applicationBecome a part of your visit. Soundtracks, videos, games and investigations...
Explore the area at your own pace,
to discover the Vauban heritage.

12 h 30 Take a lunch break under a shade cloth or at one of the two food outlets.

13 h 30 Discover the infinite diversity of animals through Museum areas : Naturalium, Zoological Garden, Insectarium, Aquarium, Noctarium. An illustration of biodiversity like you won't see anywhere else.

15 h 30 Take on the ramparts and gaze out over breathtaking panoramas.

16 h 00 The Museum of Resistance and Deportation opens its doors to you with a rich selection of archives and artifacts, offering an insight into the complexities of the Second World War period.
Warning: not recommended for children under 10.

17 h 30 With a smile on your face, immortalize your intense day by posing one last time in this exceptional setting.

People with disabilities

People with reduced mobility (PRM)

Accessible to PRM:

  • the historical multimedia show (Saint-Etienne chapel) and the Espace Vauban,
  • the Naturalium and Aquarium; partially, the Zoological Garden,
  • the ground floor of the Musée comtois (Dairy and Foundry),
  • The Musée de la Résistance et de la Déportation is fully accessible to PRMs,
  • the Front Royal temporary exhibition room.
  • The escape game "l'affaire des poisons" (to be specified when registering).

When visiting other areas, we advise PRMs to be accompanied by an adult (sloping ground in the Jardin zoologique, access to the Petite ferme, paving, etc.).

An electric car is available for people with reduced mobility to access the flat part of the site. It is also possible to enter the site with one's own vehicle, subject to prior authorization, which must be obtained by calling

People with hearing disabilities

The Citadelle reception is equipped with a BIM (magnetic loop for the hearing-impaired) and the switchboard telephone ( is fitted with the ACCEO system.

The historical multimedia show projected in the Saint Étienne chapel is accessible to the deaf and hard-of-hearing thanks to magnetic loops, available from the Citadelle reception desk.

The film "Au cœur d'une citadelle", shown in the Espace Vauban, is fully subtitled, as are all the films shown in the Naturalium and the Noctarium (a film on the life of bats).

The free MaCitadelle visitor app features a video signed in LSF (station 4). It provides a good introduction to the architecture and history of the site. All video content on this application is also subtitled in text.

All group tours of the Citadelle are accessible if accompanied by an LSF interpreter (at the group's expense). Details of tours HERE

People with intellectual disabilities

You'll find an Easy to Read and Understand booklet at the Citadelle reception desk.

You can download this Easy to Read and Understand booklet by clicking here : FALC booklet

To visit the Citadelle on your mobile phone, use the Macitadelle app.

This application is free and requires no download.

Visually impaired people

To help you find your way around the Citadelle, a Braille map is available at reception. Free loan.

La Citadelle has tactile modules to help blind and partially-sighted visitors
discover the site. You'll find them here:

  • Tactile model of the site's architecture and building materials, in the Espace Vauban, Naturalium, Aquarium and Petite Ferme.
  • A number of signs transcribed in Braille can be found on the site: near the Vauban statuette, in the zoological garden and on the 6 orientation tables.

The Noctarium features tactile and sound devices to help you meet the animals of the night.

The soldiers' barracks is a new audiodecorated space, with a push-button on the introductory panel. Many objects to touch for a rich sensory experience.

The MaCitadelle tour application, which is free of charge and requires no download, has an audio version compatible with text-to-speech software.

Access to the Citadelle
For easier access to the Citadelle, you can download the application "Ginko Guide which helps visually impaired people get around the bus and streetcar network of the Greater Besançon Metropolitan Area.
Application to download from Apple store (Apple smartphones only, Android coming soon).

Guided tours and workshops

Our mediation teams welcome disabled visitors from time to time (blind and visually impaired, deaf and hard-of-hearing, intellectually and mentally handicapped, people with reduced mobility), offering them specially adapted packages for both children and adults.

For further information and/or reservations, please contact us on 03 81 87 83 33.

Intellectual disability, mental disability, hearing disability, motor disability, visual disability

To find out more about the Citadelle's facilities for disabled visitors, download the brochure Accessible Monuments and Museums.

What you need to know

Useful info

  • Centers of interest close 15 minutes before the site closes.
  • Ticket office closes 30 minutes before the site closes.
  • In case of bad weather and strong winds, closure of walkways.
  • During your visit, keep a constant and effective eye on your children.


  • Pets are not allowed on site, as La Citadelle is subject to the dual regulations governing public parks and zoos.
  • Items may not be dropped off at reception under the Vigipirate plan.
  • Strollers are not allowed in certain museum areas (Insectarium, Noctarium, Musée de la Résistance et de la Déportation and top floor of Musée comtois) and walkways.
  • Activities likely to disturb the peace and safety of the public, staff and animals are strictly prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to feed the animals.
  • Smoking prohibited in all areas where animals are present.
  • Photography and filming for professional or commercial purposes: authorization required. For further information, please contact the Communication Department