La Citadelle celebrates a monumental anniversary!



La Citadelle celebrates a monumental anniversary!

The year 2023 marks the 15th anniversary of the inclusion of Vauban's Fortifications on UNESCO's World Heritage List.
Celebrating this anniversary means:
// celebrating this prestigious international recognition and the Outstanding Universal Value associated with it;
// highlighting the work carried out by local players to conserve and enhance the sites;
/// A program rich in events and meaning.

On July 7, 2023, registration day, flags will be raised at all sites at 11am. This joint, symbolic celebration will underline the unity of the twelve fortifications across France.

What does inscription on UNESCO's World Heritage List mean?
Inscription on UNESCO's World Heritage List constitutes international recognition of the universal and exceptional character of natural and cultural properties, whose importance is such that their disappearance would mean a loss for all humanity.
Inscription on the World Heritage List is not an end in itself: it is a long-term commitment to the international community and to future generations to preserve and enhance the listed property.

Reasons for listing the Fortifications de Vauban:
// Vauban's fortifications are the most rational example of military architecture, representing a masterpiece of human creative genius.
// They also bear witness to the evolution of military architecture in the 17th century, having influenced a large number of strongholds built around the world up to the end of the 19th century.
// These constructions can also be seen as the shaping of a modern space, through the creation of a network of border sites, the forerunners of our present-day frontiers.

The series of 12 sites represents Vauban's genius and the Outstanding Universal Value of his work. Each site illustrates a facet of the engineer's fortifications, forming a complete and exemplary overview of his work:
// the evolution of his defensive concepts;
// a complete geographical overview (plain, seaside and mountain sites);
// the type of work: new town, tower, fort, urban enclosure or citadel;
// the transformation of pre-existing works or the creation of new fortresses.

Programming around the 15 years

Exhibition: "RENFORTS Until May 28th

Citadelle Sings - June 19th to 23rd
Classes from Besançon and the Greater Besançon area will be singing this year on the theme of "friendship, fraternity, solidarity".

Great Century Weekend at the Citadelle - June 24-25
The theme is "education and entertainment in the 17th-18th centuries". On the program: learning to write with a pen, fencing, theater, games...

Apéros avec VUE - July 13 and 20 at the Citadelle - reservation required
Discover the Outstanding Universal Value of the Vauban heritage while sampling regional products.

Details of the program and reservation on our agenda