Birth of a Crowned Sifaka and a Francois Langur at the Besançon Museum



Birth of a Crowned Sifaka and a Francois Langur at the Besançon Museum

In January, the Citadelle de Besançon saw the birth of two particularly endangered primates: a Crowned Sifaka and a Francois's Langur.
The Besançon Museum has been involved for many years in actions to protect biodiversity, and this has never been more essential, at a time when the list of species threatened with extinction at regional level and worldwide continues to grow.

For almost 30 years, the Besançon Museum has been home to sensitive and precious local and exotic species. The involvement, professionalism and know-how of its teams in the preservation and reproduction of these demanding animals is recognized far beyond the Zoological Park. In fact, the Besançon Museum's teams are involved in a wide range of actions to maintain biodiversity: reintroducing animals into a restored natural environment, reinforcing wild populations, providing scientific expertise for field programs, teaching to raise awareness of the need to protect living things, providing financial support for conservation projects and maintaining safeguard animal populations in a controlled environment.

The presence of Crowned Sifakas and Francois's Langurs at the Citadelle echoes these objectives. The births at the beginning of 2023 give meaning to the daily investment of the Parc zoologique team, its caretakers, biologists, veterinarians and ecologists committed to the preservation of life and the environment.

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