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(Musée comtois – Puppet theatre)

Fascinating collections
The Musée Comtois was inaugurated in 1960 in the prestigious setting of the Front Royal inside the Citadel. The museum tells the story of the people and landscapes that shaped Franche-Comté over recent centuries. It also includes cultural exhibits from around the world and contemporary societies. Its founder, Abbot Jean Garneret (1907-2002), made an important contribution to the development of regional ethnology.

The Museum is organised into seventeen rooms arranged over three floors, with exhibits exploring regional culture through a series of main themes:
- land and climate,
- food and Franche-Comté cuisine,
- religion and popular beliefs,
- Franche-Comté puppets,
- two regional activities: dairy products and metal working.

The showcase of the Museum is the Franche-Comté puppet theatre, with its main character the famous Barbizier, a wine grower from the Battant district of Besançon. The Museum houses the four oldest collections of a form of entertainment that was highly popular in Besançon in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Guided tours of the Musée comtois are not available; self-guided visits only.