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(Room in the Musée de la Résistance et de la Déportation )

The Museum of Resistance and Deportation is closed until the fall of 2022 for a complete metamorphosis.

Failure to bear witness would mean betrayal
The Museum was founded in 1971 at the instigation of Denise Lorach, a concentration camp survivor, and provides an in-depth and emotional portrayal of this dark period of history.
The origins and development of Nazism, the war and the Vichy regime, the concentration camps, the French Resistance movement and the Liberation are all covered using photographs, texts and original documents. Awarded "Musée de France" status by the French government, the choice of the Citadel for its location is highly symbolic as 100 resistance fighters were executed by firing squads here during the Occupation.  A memorial to them stands outside the Museum.