Curse of the Centuries" quiz


Curse of the Centuries" quiz

Curse of the Centuries" quiz

Reprise de l’activité le 4 février 2023.

Equipped with an adventure bag, travel through the ages and explore the different spaces and museums of the Citadel. Your mission: to save the Marcellin family from an ancestral curse cast by a powerful sorcerer. By solving the riddles and thwarting the evil tricks, perhaps you will be able to overcome "The Curse of the Centuries"?

- Practical information -

Âge : À partir de 7 ans.
Groupe Activité pour groupes ou familles en autonomie. 6 personnes au maximum.

Durée : Deux heures maxi !

- 5 € for the group
- 4 € for Citadelle subscribers

Réservation sur place en billetterie aux horaires d’ouverture de la Citadelle.

*The price indicated does not include admission to the Citadel (monument / museums / animal areas).

Original scenario developed by the Conseil Bisontin des Jeunes, here declined in a version to be played independently.