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At the Citadelle :

  • Boutique de la Citadelle: 10% discount on souvenirs and 5% discount on books (cannot be combined with other promotional offers).
  • Carte de Fidélité: For as few as 9 purchases of a minimum of €5.00 each, receive a 20% discount on your 10th purchase! (Excluding sales and promotions). Don't hesitate to ask for it when you visit.
  • Events, shows and exhibitions at the Citadelle: special rates or free admission, please enquire.
  • Escape Game "L'Affaire des poisons": subscriber rate €19, regardless of the number of participants (rates up to €27 without subscription).
  • Curse of the Centuries" game : Subscriber price €4.20 instead of €5.50 without subscription.
  • Citadelle admission: If you accompany your friends, they benefit from a reduced rate of €9.50.
  • Refer a Friend Plan: Refer a number of subscribers and extend your subscription (1 referred subscriber = 1 extra month free). By sponsoring a new subscriber (someone who has never subscribed to La Citadelle before), you give them an extra month on their annual subscription, and you yourself get an extra month when you renew your subscription. By sponsoring several new subscribers, you receive several months free when you renew your subscription.
Theatre at the Citadelle

Take advantage of our partners' benefits with the Cita'Pass!

Besançon's little train
  • Besançon tourist train:
    Visit and discover Besançon in a different way with the Petit Train Touristique. For 45 minutes, a video guide will reveal the mysteries of the city (departure from Porte Rivotte and stop at Place du 08 septembre, with the option of getting off at the Citadelle and continuing the tour after your visit).
    >> Your advantage:
    reduced adult rate : 6,90 € instead of 8,90 €

  • Bateau Le Vauban (Besançon) :
    Pont de la République landing stage. Sail the Doubs loop in complete comfort and safety.
    From the boat, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Vauban's fortifications and the Citadelle.
    >> Your advantage:
    reduced adult rate : 10,00 € instead of 14,00 €

  • Bateaux du Saut du Doubs (Villers-le-Lac) :
    Take a 14-km guided cruise along the meandering Doubs River and discover an impressive natural spectacle.
    >> Your advantage:
    reduced adult rate : 16,90 € instead of 17,90 €

  • Vedettes de Besançon Boarding Pont de la République.
    All the charm of a guided cruise aboard the "Pont Battant". Discover Besançon in an original way: passing through locks and the Citadelle tunnel.
    >> Your advantage: reduced adult rate : 10,00 € instead of 14,00 € and reduced rate for children : 8,00 € instead of 10,00 €

  • Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans :
    Just 30 km from Besançon, the Saline Royale is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, designed by visionary architect Claude-Nicolas Ledoux in the 18th century.
    >> Your advantage:
    > reduced adult rate : 12,00 € instead of 13,00 € ; reduced rate for children (ages 6-15) : 7,00 € instead of 9,00 € until March 31, 2024 and from October 1 to the end of December 2024.
    > reduced adult rate : 13,00 € instead of 1500 € ; reduced rate for children (ages 6-15) : 7,00 € instead of 10,00 € from April 1 to October 31, 2024.
  • Musée de plein air des Maisons Comtoises (Nancray) :
    15 km from Besançon, in a verdant setting, a unique site where no fewer than thirty traditional Comtois buildings have been reconstructed.
    >> Your advantage:
    reduced adult rate : 8,00 € instead of 11,50 €


All discounts or advantages granted by our partners are indicative and may be modified by them during the year. Prices shown are for 2024, unless otherwise stated. Advantages applicable to holders on presentation of their Citadelle season ticket (unless otherwise specified in the partner offer).