PANORAMA SONORE 2024 - Three evenings of concerts at La Citadelle



PANORAMA SONORE 2024 - Three evenings of concerts at La Citadelle

This summer, in the heart of the Parc Saint Étienne, music will resound within the walls of the Cité Vauban. The Citadelle de Besançon is offering 3 evening concerts, on July 11, 12 and 13, as part of its summer program. Discover eclectic musical evenings, dance to the rhythm of a 100% local Electro evening, be inspired by the blues of Delgres or let yourself be carried away by the spellbinding Jeanne Added and her piano. Other local and national artists will be on hand to bring the promise of this sonic panorama to life.

July 11, 2024

A 100% local electro scene awaits you all evening on July 11. Chain together 3 DJ sets, 3 rhythms, 3 styles until the end of the night in hypnotic abandon.


We gave Mula from the Boom Tchack Tour carte blanche! Just back from a long trip to Central America, he plays hypnotic, progressive and tribal electronic music, enhanced by folk instruments. 

Spotted by Sol Selectas (Be svendsen, Blond:ish, Satori, Nicola Cruz...), the world's No.1 label in this field, his tracks often appear in the Beatport top 100. Since then, he's been invited to play everywhere: OZORA (HU), Klein Garten (TU), Baikal Nomad showcase (MX), DAAD Gathering (HU), WAO (IT, ZUgvoegel, Guy's Bar (TH), The Sanctuary (IT), Château Perché (FR), and his tracks are played by the greats: Oliver Koketzki, Zuma Dionys, Nick warren, Acid Arab, Sabo, Timboletti, Mollono Bass, Amani (Desert Dwellers) and many others.

Watt the Fox

Formed in 2017, Watt The Fox today emerge as pioneers of Electro Organic music.

Claiming a multitude of influences, their music is above all about blending.

Machines beat out the rhythm, percussion breaks set the groove, handpan themes are accompanied by synth layers, and catchy Jew's harp riffs meet electrifying melodies.

Dub, Techno, Trance and Downtempo, the duo's powerful Electro and energetic instrumentals take their audience by storm.

Damon Jee

Considered the godfather of dark disco, elusive and deviant, Damon Jee brews a broad spectrum of contemporary electronic music. His dj-sets strike a subtle balance between indie rock and electronic psychedelia, opening the door to an unsettling, frenetic in-between. Active since the early 90s, Damon Jee 's career cannot be summed up in a few lines. Ultra-prolific, he has also launched his own Dust & Blood label.

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July 12, 2024

The air begins to bubble, as solo performances turn into collective adventures with an evening hosted by three rock & blues bands in 3 totally different styles. First abrasive, then refined, ending with an explosive instrumental composition.


Delgres is above all an intimate adventure, an inner journey in which music becomes the imaginary vehicle for personal experience and family history. And more broadly, the destiny of a part of the world marked by uprooting and the difficult conquest of an identity. The fascinating music they produce is that of a unique power trio, also close to the worlds of the Black Keys and Hanni El Khatib, between hypnotic rock, telluric soul and abrasive garage.

Dead Chic

DEAD CHIC's music is raw and classy, sexy and racy. It's Tom Waits at the Bad Seeds feast, Ennio Morricone spaghetti spiced up with Oh Sees fuzz, a call to wide open spaces, deep valleys and rocky peaks. Andy's voice sounds like an incantation, preaching at a ceremony witnessed by organs and fuzz. A banquet at twilight where we cross paths with the ghosts of Leone, Motown divas, Vaqueros and Mariachis. Damien's reverb-laden guitars weave the backdrop, sending lightning bolts across the plain.


Rock out with a banjo, drums and tuba! Gliz is fearless, creating music that's organic, electric and feverish. Luminous rock? Romantic punk? Brutal pop? Melancholy groove? the choice is yours.

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July 13, 2024

As Panorama Sonore wishes, this eclectic evening will introduce you to many different musical facets. Beginning with the minimalist purity of a piano-vocal composition, followed by a solo piano performance, before spicing up the end of the evening with a dreamy electronic journey.

Jeanne Added

Bruno Ruder and Jeanne Added form an almost telepathic piano-singing duo, as heard in 2021, at Bourges and La Villette, during a vibrant tribute to Prince. Augmented by the two voices of Naël Kaced and Laetitia N'diaye, already present on Jeanne's last tour, this form will be minimal in name only. Between the four of them and acoustically, they'll be able to reach us wherever they go.


Solo piano performance

Kid Francescoli

Marseille-based producer, crooner and multi-instrumentalist Mathieu Hocine is eager to share his most accomplished album to date. This collection of emotionally charged songs is a tribute to his Mediterranean roots, as well as a showcase for his science of melody. Building on his recent successes and the experience of producing his very first soundtrack for the film AZURO, Kid Francescoli is now one of the finest French songwriters of his generation, easily identifiable by his unique signature sound.

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Practical info :

- Venue: Amphithéâtre naturel Parc Saint-Etienne de la Citadelle ;

- Prices: €5 for July 11, €15 for July 12, and €18 for July 13

- Doors open at 8 p.m. - concerts begin at 8:30 p.m. ;

- Snacks and refreshments on site;

- The event is accessible with the Pass Culture ;

- Book online at or register at the box office on the day, subject to availability.

- Cancellation in case of bad weather