Exhibition - Around the table, sharing stories


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Exhibition - Around the table, sharing stories

From September 8, 2023 to summer 2024

Museum of Resistance and Deportation


To mark its reopening, the museum has chosen to highlight its special relationship with donors. Since it was founded in the late 1960s, the museum has built up its collection from objects and private archives donated by former members of the Resistance, deportees and their families.

Over the years, he has developed a real expertise in this field, documenting not only the personal stories and journeys of those who lived through the Second World War, but also their place in family memory and the ways in which they are passed on.

Photographer Brigitte Chartreux has immortalized a number of encounters with donors, giving us a glimpse behind the scenes of these extraordinary encounters, the stories that are told, the objects and archives that are discovered, and the emotions that run through us. To give this essential work its full artistic, poetic and profoundly human dimension, the museum has devised this exhibition combining photographs and stories, because images and words are part of the same language.

Exhibition open on Citadelle opening days and times.
Guided tours of the temporary exhibition are available throughout the year. More information in theCitadelle diary.

Duration : Approx. 1 hour

Meeting point : Museum of Resistance and Deportation

Target audience : from age 10 / adult

Free for holders of a citadelle ticket or season ticket

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