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Historical Multimedia Display

Saint-Etienne Chapel. 

Plunging visitors into the past, this multimedia show takes you back through time and space to experience landmark moments in the history of Besançon and its Citadel. As the story progresses the different episodes of a fascinating history are unfolded one by one, from the time of Julius Caesar, continuing through the Middle Ages, then under the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, and finally the 17th century in the turbulent reign of Louis XIV. It recounts the glory years of Vauban and the building of the Citadel before making way for contemporary history with is darkest days.

The Saint Etienne Chapel, built right inside the fortress, has been entirely refurbished to house this immersive system which entirely surrounds the viewer with sound and image. The walls, choir and vault are turned into immense screens onto which images which counter one another or work together are projected as the show progresses, becoming life-size scenes in which assailants and defenders, viewpoints of the interior and the exterior, the powerful and the people, marshals and soldiers are revealed as they confront one another.

The show lasts fifteen minutes and provides keys to understanding the fortress, helping visitors explore its history.